A Guide to Minor Scratch & Dent Repairs on your Car

It doesn’t matter how careful you are when driving, there are often times when your car is scratched or you pick up a small dent from close parking, and while this can be annoying, it doesn’t have to cost a fortune to have it repaired. There are specialist bodywork garages that can easily remove dents and repair scratches and very often, there is no need for repainting.

Car Bodywork Repairs

There is, for example, a car dent remover in Telford that has both the equipment and the know-how to repair minor dents and scratches, and they can easily be found with an online search. There is a new and innovative technique called paintless dent removal (PDR) that does not require repainting, although this is not always the case, as sometimes the paint seal has broken and will have to be touched up.

Mobile Units

Rather than having to drive to a garage, there are specialist repair outfits who will come to you, and they have a fully equipped mobile unit that allows them to carry out roadside repairs. The sort of problems they can fix include the following:

  • Minor Scratches
  • Cark Park Dings
  • Key Scrapes
  • Scuff Marks

By calling out an expert, your car can be repaired without causing you any inconvenience, and if you want a price for a small repair, simply take a picture with your smartphone and send it to them.

The team of technicians are highly skilled and use state of the art equipment to remove scratches and dents from the bodywork, and all you have to do is search online, make a booking and the dent removal expert will be with you in no time.