Five Types Of RV Collision Repair

The different causes of RV collision repair bring about the difference in types. Different companies can specialize in different forms of collision repair. However, different companies have different levels of technologies that they use to repair their customer’s vehicles, hence having different quality services. Below are some of the common types of RV collision repair; they include:

Delamination Repair

An RV has got different layers of paint on it. The outermost layer gets made from a gel coating or fiberglass. Whenever the outermost layer begins to peel away from the substrate, the process gets referred to as delamination.

The delamination process is gradual. It begins with the development of cracks on the outermost layer of the paint, which with time, spread throughout the RV, brings about the peeling. It may affect the vehicle’s structural integrity causing events such as leakages.

RV owners get urged to take their vehicles for repair as soon as they detect such problems. The earlier the problem gets dealt with, the easier it gets to manage it. However, if one’s vehicle does not show any sign of delamination, RV collision repair gets recommended at least once every five years. The paint layers don’t delaminate if that gets done since the outer layer gets resealed. However, those from areas with harsh weather require this process to get conducted more often, preferably every two years.

Complete Collision Damage repair

Whenever one gets involved in an accident while on the road, a complete collision damage repair gets offered to restore the vehicle to its initial state; the irreparable parts get replaced, whereas those with considerable damage get repaired.

The damage gets repaired in the most efficient way possible using advanced technologies and years of experience gathered by the experts. One must replace the RV parts with genuine ones to maintain the vehicle’s quality and performance.

Hail Damage Repair

A hailstorm is a natural calamity that involves the falling of large water droplets from the sky. These droplets get solidified as they fall, hitting any vehicle or structure on its way. Hail damage repair is among the common RV collision repairs people opt for. Clients get urged to repair the dents caused by this hail to enhance the appearance of one’s vehicle.

Slide-out Repair

A slide-out is a feature whose function is to increase the living space amount available inside the vehicle. Although an important feature, the slide-out tends to malfunction at times. It is necessary to take one’s vehicle to professionals for RV collision repair for a guaranteed quality service.

There are two types of slide-outs; those powered electrically and the hydraulics powered ones. When not careful, other RV components near the slide-out might get affected and compromised during a repair.

Sprinter Van Repair

Although similar to RVs, sprinter vans are large cargo vans converted into mini-RVs. Only selected dealers get certified to work on such vehicles since their structures are slightly different from the conventional RVs. Despite the type of RV collision repair required, those with adequate skills to carry out the repairs efficiently.