Florida Driver Improvement Course; What Are The Benefits?

Driving a car legally in Florida requires you to have a valid license. However, the driver’s license isn’t a get-out-of-jail-free card. It is a no-brainer; you have to follow the rules. After working hard to furnish the Florida learners permit requirements, why would you jeopardize it? You might not give it much thought, but as points accumulate, your license could be suspended. That’s among the top reasons Florida drivers consider a driver improvement course. The Florida driver improvement course offers many benefits, and it can be ordered by a court or taken on free will. Among the top benefits includes;

Protect your driving record

With each offense, you get points counting against your permanent driving record. With the course, there won’t be points assessed against the license for the violation. Apart from taking the course for point reduction, it also helps you get a driver’s license reinstated. If your license isn’t valid, taking the driver improvement course comes in handy as you attempt to get it reinstated. Protecting your permanent driving record might seem like a long shot, but with the course, you’ll gain a lot as you’ll stay sharp and be a safer driver. The best part is that you won’t be convicted of certain offenses with the driver improvement course in Florida.

Financial benefits

Car insurance, while a necessity, can dig deeper into your finances. It gets worse when your premiums go high as the insurer sees you as a risky driver. Taking the course means that, even after the violation, they won’t refuse to insure you or impose an additional premium. The insurer will renew your policy, provided the situation is not a criminal traffic offense. However, note that the insurer can refuse to renew or impose an additional premium if;

  • There is a second offense within 18 months
  • A third within 36 months
  • Or it involves exceeding the speed limit by 15 mph or more

If you take the course proactively, you can lower the insurance premiums. You are taking the initiative to be a safer driver, a factor that makes you less risky in the eyes of the insurer, saving you more money. What’s more, the course can reduce the offense cost by as much as 18%.

Personal education

Are you confident on the road? After some time off the wheels, you might feel a little rusty. It is not just about the pedals; road awareness counts as much. Taking a driver improvement course equips you with the skills needed to kick your prowess a notch higher. Traffic laws on your fingertips, awareness of your surroundings, and other considerations help you become a better driver, aspects that the course addresses. While easily overlooked, you can lose sight of the safe driving behaviors and attitude over time, stressing the need to take the driver improvement course to be on top of your game.

Taking a driver improvement course is no longer a hassle. With the online services, you can comfortably pursue the course and get certification following your schedule. Strive to be a safer driver; it’ll save you time, money, and your driving record.