How Can You Enhance Dealership Security To Lessen Vehicle Theft

As per the FBI’s Crime Reporting Program, nearly 800,000 vehicles got stolen in the year 2016 due to car theft. This figure was more than 7% when compared with the year 2015. Due to the increasing cases of vehicle thefts, auto dealers are very much concerned about dealership security and the ways to prevent vehicle theft.

Some dealer may require a few tools to maintain security of dealership, while others may only need certain changes to their existing dealer procedures and processes. We are listing about a few ways that will definitely help your business to fight against any possibilities of dealership security breach.

Ensure proper lighting

Keep the vehicle showroom as well as car lot properly lit at all the time. Most criminals would prefer to choose dark places to accomplish their job.

Modify passwords and locks on a periodic basis

Keep modifying locks and passwords to ensure safety. This is very much required when employees leave on bad terms. To ensure dealership security, a dealer CRM must implement this very important step.

Install security cameras

Cameras not just improve dealership security, but also provides useful footage to file an insurance claim or a police report. Install camera at all those internal or external places where vehicles are stored.

Use wheel locks and install vehicle immobilization and GPS devices

Some vehicles have tracking devices that equip their inventory with immobilization devices and external GPS to assist in tracking or stopping stolen vehicles.

Make use of indoor storage for rare or valuable vehicles

Don’t leave valuable vehicles on the lot overnight. Keep proper arrangements to store them inside. This will keep them protected from theft.

Keep keys protected

Always store keys at a safe place when the vehicle isn’t delivered or driven. Ensure that keys are not kept close to the place of ignition, even if they are parked in the auto showroom.

Keep your trade and wholesale vehicles protected

Wholesale vehicles are kept in the lot of the auto dealership. You must limit access by storing units at a secured location.

Keep the dealer plates secured

It is the best strategy to keep dealer plates in a locked place and an activity log to examine usage.

Make vehicle towing difficult

Also, make sure not to let thieves tow your vehicle. Always park your vehicle with e-brakes on and tires turned in one direction. This makes it harder to tow vehicles from the lot.


Security is one of the main concern areas of any automobile business. If you do not have any robust security measures implemented in the business, then it is never too late. These beneficial ideas will greatly help in keeping your business safe and protected at all times.