How To Find A Quality Collision Repair Shop In San Diego?

California auto sales are likely to spike by more than 10% in 2021. To top it off, non-luxury SUV sales are forecasted to increase by 33%, with Toyota being the most popular manufacturer of small SUVs. Subaru took the lead in mid-sized and large SUV’s. With auto sales increasing, the risk of collision also rises. San Diego experiences over two million injuries in auto accidents every year.

If your car was involved in a collision, you don’t have to wait for long to get back on the road. San Diego collision repair is your one-stop for any kind of auto fixes after a collision. But not all collision repair shops are trustworthy. Read further to know what qualities your collision repair shop should have to be assured that you get quality service.

Look For Shops That Work Will All Insurers

The first thing to look for in a quality collision repair shop is that they work with your insurance provider. This will ensure that you don’t have to spend a bomb out of your pocket. The easiest way to find an auto repair shop, which works with your insurer, is to check their website or call them. They will provide a list of repair shops near you.

Shops That Use The Latest Technology

Small nicks and dents can be fixed, but when painted over, finding an exact color match can be difficult. Therefore, find a shop that uses computerized color matching. Also, getting an accurate estimate of the repair can be difficult, but auto shops that use estimation software can give you an accurate estimate of your car’s repair.

Also, the shop should be able to update you on the repair process milestones by e-mail or text so that you know exactly what is happening with your car. Such automated updates can go a long way in maintaining quality.

Look For Manufacturer Approved Shops

This is the easiest way to find a quality collision repair shop in San Diego. When a manufacturer approves the auto shop, they are bound to have all the tools and spars required to fix that brand of vehicle. In addition, most manufacturer approved shops are also covered by insurance companies. Therefore, your search for San Diego collision repair narrows down significantly.

Make Sure That The Technicians Are Certified

An auto repair shop will have a lot of staff handling various responsibilities. They may also have people who are still training and may not have enough experience in collision repair. Therefore, ask for the technicians’ certification before you give them your car. It will not be too difficult to get this as most of them will gladly share their staff credentials. In fact, they will probably be displayed at the shop in plain view.

The Gold Class status is a certificate provided by I-CAR, a globally renowned auto collision repair, inter-industry conference. It is topped by the Platinum class status. These certifications assure you that the technicians have undergone rigorous training in the various aspects of auto repaid.

Third-Party Verified Repair Shops

VeriFacts is another such certification that is respected throughout the auto industry. They verify auto repair shops for their skills, methodologies, quality, and technology. The independent verification process used by VeriFacts is highly stringent and follows each manufacturer’s strict instructions, making each repair custom to the vehicle’s make and model.

Shop Offers Lifetime Warranties

A quality auto repair shop will always provide a warranty for their work. A limited lifetime warranty assures you that auto shop are experts in their craft and therefore do not hesitate to offer a warranty on their work. What makes the deal sweeter is if the warranty is honored at many locations across the country.

Has Multiple Locations

When a collision repair shop as multiple locations, you can be assured of the quality of their service. Being able to service many locations is a mark of trust that people have on their service. What’s more, many locations means that you can get the same service even when you are out of town.

Quick Turnaround

With so many technological advancements, collision repair has become highly efficient and has a low turnaround time. Therefore, auto repairs have a quick turnaround with same day delivery for things like bumper repairs and other minor jobs.

An auto accident can be very stressful, and the days and weeks that follow can be daunting when you are burdened with the task of vehicle repairs. In this scenario, a quality car repair shop can do a lot in reducing the stress and pain. A San Diego collision repair shop that have the above qualities can make sure that your car repairs are handled by experts.