Steps to Become a Car Detailer

You may have a passion for cars and want to turn that into a career. If you like keeping vehicles in pristine condition, being a car detailer is a good profession. You don’t need a master’s degree but good automotive knowledge and training. Here are steps to help you become a car detailer.

Get Some Great Training

Whether you’re learning from or another place, it’s best to develop your automotive skills. Learn a trade within that industry and how to work on the interior and exterior. Before you take your automotive skills to the next level, have a high school degree and some training in car shop classes.

See if you can find some community college classes as well as auto-detailing classes to help you become more well-rounded. It’s not a bad idea to gain experience in leather repair, carpet drying, and headlight restoration. While some of these aren’t required, the more experience you have in overall detailing, the better chance you’ll have in landing a stable job.

When you have more training and experience, it’s much better for you when searching for a detailing gig.

Start Practicing on Cars

Use your car as a practice dummy. You don’t have much to lose if you make a mistake because you’re not working on other cars yet. When you can detail your car a few times, ask your friends and family if they need a car detail job.

You can start detailing for free then begin charging as you get more proficient at the service. The more hours you put into your craft, the better you’ll get at detailing the whole car. Read instructions from car detailing sites, take courses, watch videos to help refine your skills.

When you have certification from a reputable class and train regularly outside of school, it’ll help you become more in-demand.

Understand the Industry

If your ultimate plan is to become a mobile detailer or have your shop, it’s best to work at a brick-and-mortar for a while. You’ll learn the basic things people ask for in a car detail job. Also, you’ll learn how to work on different cars.

Also, you can build your contacts before you decide to strike out on your own. The more diverse your portfolio gets in automotive detail, the more marketable you’ll be for different car detailing gigs.

When you have a solid automotive background, it’ll help you become a successful car detailer.