The importance of a luxury electric car

With the rising emission levels, automobile brands need to think about electric options. The transformation has begun in India with mid-segment cars being introduced with electric options, but luxury brands in India also need to take a step towards sustainability. Electric cars produce zero emissions which is a huge advantage for the environment.

Mercedes-Benz is the largest luxury car manufacturer in India has taken a step ahead and has launched its first-ever luxury electric SUV in India. Mercedes-Benz as a brand has a very rich reputation in India. The Mercedes Benz E Class is a car that received great response in the Indian market. But with the launch of the Mercedes-Benz EQC, the German carmaker has created history in India.

An Initiative By Mercedes Benz:

The Mercedes-Benz EQC is the first electric car that has been introduced in India by Mercedes-Benz. The EQC is based on the Mercedes Benz GLC and comes with a modern flat battery placed between the wheels and induction motors. It is a four-wheel drive. The output of the electric motor in the EQC is 408 hp and an impressive torque of 765 Nm. This is similar to the performance delivered by a V8 twin-turbo engine. You may feel like you are travelling in a Mercedes Benz S Class till you find that it is an electric engine.

The front electric motor of the EQC provides higher efficiency, while the power is delivered by the rare motor. From the outside, the EQC looks like a futuristic car and why not? It is an SUV that is built for the future. It has a piano black grille and 20-inch wheels with blue detailing. The front end of the car almost shouts Mercedes-Benz. The Battery cooling system of the Mercedes EQC has a capacity of 6-8 litres.

Luxury cars are known for their performance throughout the world. They are installed with some of the most powerful engines in the world, that deliver the performance of the highest quality. In the race of producing more outputs out of petrol and diesel engines, the emission levels around the globe are increasing. Fast luxury cars, often tend to have a fuel economy that is below average. To tackle these environmental emission problems, luxury electric cars are the best solution.

Mercedes-Benz has adopted the initiative to make the transition towards sustainable driving. The brand is all set to launch more new vehicles under the EQ badge. We hope that just like the Mercedes-Benz E Class, the EQC emerges as the game changer.

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