What Makes the Mercedes SUV a Better Vehicle Option than Lexus SUV?

Have you been thinking of purchasing a vehicle? You should consider the vehicle providing value for your money. It would be in your best interest to make the most of the vehicle that caters to your respective needs and requirements in the best manner possible. In case you already have a vehicle and look forward to upgrading the vehicle, your best option would be purchasing a SUV. It would be pertinent to mention here that luxury SUV’s have been back in the market with the gas prices relatively lower. If you were contemplating on going for a long trip, you should consider choosing between Mercedes SUV and Lexus SUV.

However, the debate may still be heated on which SUV to surpass the other with its variety of unique features and performance. The major issue is the number of similarities between both the vehicles. However, let us delve into the subject why Mercedes SUV is a better machine than the Lexus SUV.

  1. Wide number of options available

The foremost reason for people looking forward to preferring Mercedes SUV is the wide variety of options that brand has to offer. However, both the models come under six figures, but the Lexus SUV would offer with one trim option. Anyone looking forward to investing a significant amount would like to have several options at hand. The Mercedes would come with different options providing a wide variety to choose from amongst the available models.

  1. Mercedes has better horsepower

Peeping inside, both SUV’s are largely similar. Both have been offering latest technology in their vehicles. Both vehicles would offer comfortable seating state of the art designs and almost similar in price. What has been really pushing the Mercedes forward is the additional performance. The Mercedes SUV would offer almost 100 more horsepower, as compared to the Lexus SUV. The Mercedes would jump from zero to sixty in almost two seconds quickly than the Lexus. The V8’s in both the vehicles would be handy, but the Mercedes SUV has more horsepower making it a winner.

  1. Powerful Mercedes SUV

When it comes to pulling a trailer, the power of Mercedes is incomparable to the Lexus SUV. The Mercedes, with its higher power would be able to pull approximately 500 more pounds than the Lexus SUV. It may not sound too much on paper, but it would make a significant difference in comfortable towing practice.

Other aspects would also see Mercedes SUV emerge a winner against the Lexus SUV. The Mercedes has been known to offer better mileage, spacious leg space and 14 standard speakers.